Invest in the future of funerals

Invest in the future of funerals and join us as we lead the growing revolution that is reshaping the way we farewell our loved ones.

Speaking out to beat cancer

Hundreds of people gathered at Collaroy on Sydney's Northern Beaches to farewell a popular 22-year-old tradie whose death shocked the whole community.

Jayne’s Journey

Sometimes we meet people who have a deep and profound impact on us at Picaluna. Jayne Bernstam taught us so much as she carefully and thoughtfully planned her farewell.

Helping Sydney’s War Widows

How Picaluna's Cheryl Forbes has been inspired to help Sydney's War Widows thanks to her Mum, Betty.

Picaluna Words of Wisdom: The whole series!

Picaluna shares some words of wisdom to create a beautiful and authentic farewell. All seven videos in the series are here!

How Jan gives back

"If they trust you at bingo, they trust you with anything!" How Picaluna Planner and Celebrant Jan Littlejohn cares for her retirement community and gives them peace of mind by helping them to plan a personal and authentic farewell.

“Just say his name” – A bereaved mother’s plea

Megan Baker shares her story of her son, Kai, and how simply using his name is so important. Kai was stillborn and Megan's journey as a bereaved mother has led her to use her experiences to help others.