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Invest in the future of funerals

Invest in the future of funerals and join us as we lead the growing revolution that is reshaping the way we farewell our loved ones.

Why Australia’s funeral industry needs a wakeup call

WHEN Greg Inglis lost his mother a few years ago, the family ended up with a “cookie-cutter” funeral. And it gave him an idea.

Manly Daily: Farewelling John

A Picaluna funeral has been featured in the Manly Daily newspaper and website.

Picaluna – in 90 seconds

Picaluna MD Greg Inglis gives you the run down on Picaluna – in just 90 seconds. Picaluna is a network of civil celebrants and professional planners that work together with families to create a more authentic funeral experience. We aim to revolutionise the funeral industry by offering families more bespoke experiences, minus the high costs ...

Iain Shedden celebrated at moving service

Picaluna had the honour of helping to farewell iconic Aussie musician Iain Shedden. The great and the good of Australian music joined in the ceremony at Marrickville Town Hall or sent tributes and Picaluna's Kerri and Liz did an amazing job running his final show.

Picaluna on Studio 10

Picaluna founder Greg Inglis and celebrant Elizabeth Trevan say there is a growing trend in Australia for more authentic, personalised funerals. They joined the panel on Studio 10 to explain how Picaluna does just that.

Meet the Uber of funerals

It's the Uber of funerals - a revolutionary start-up that's gaining national attention for disrupting the death industry in Australia.