Picaluna on Studio 10

Picaluna founder Greg Inglis and celebrant Elizabeth Trevan say there is a growing trend in Australia for more authentic, personalised funerals. They joined the panel on Studio 10 to explain how Picaluna does just that.

Meet the Uber of funerals

It's the Uber of funerals - a revolutionary start-up that's gaining national attention for disrupting the death industry in Australia.

Calling Coasties for a Fabulous Funeral

Do you want a fabulous funeral?  Local holistic celebrant and independent funeral planner Sarah Tolmie wants people on the Central Coast to have exactly that.

A beautiful goodbye – in any language

Picaluna recently had the honour of helping to farewell Malcolm. Because some of his closest friends are deaf, we brought in a sign language interpreter to make it a fully inclusive ceremony.

How To Have A Fabulous Funeral

Independent funeral planners and celebrants Kathryn Breusch and Elizabeth Trevan have issued a challenge - let's deconstruct death, and do it differently.

The facts and figures of funerals

Did you know someone dies every 3 minutes and 19 seconds in Australia? Check out the latest funeral facts and figures.

Sharing stories of fabulous funerals

Picaluna's Elizabeth Trevan and Kathryn Breusch join 2GB to share their stories of fabulous funerals.