A compassionate champion of change

Non-traditional funerals are changing how families and loved ones say goodbye.

Picaluna in the Sydney Morning Herald

"When you spend so long with someone, to have them whisked away in a very clinical and soulless environment, it is just not meaningful. I don't how our culture evolved this way,"

Doing Death Differently in The Guardian

Greg Inglis holds in his mind a clear image of his mother’s memorial service. Randwick racecourse in Sydney, a couple of weeks after her cremation. Her friends and family “dressed to the nines”, sharing their memories over champagne and caviar. Then – with permission from the grounds – her ashes scattered at the finishing post. ...

Saying hello, saying goodbye

Picaluna was at this year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras Fair Day to ask visitors what their goodbye looks like.